Welcome to Designer Loans

Strapped for cash? You can use your vehicle to obtain some much needed funds in a jiffy!

We've all been there – sometimes even if you try your hardest to budget your money and pay your bills on time, unexpected circumstances can put you in the red as easily as the next bloke. The biggest problem with bad credit is that your best solution – taking out a loan – is exactly what bad credit takes away from you. Lenders don't like people with bad credit ratings and don't be surprised if you find yourself getting rejection after rejection on your loan applications.

However, here at Designer Loans UK, we believe that people with bad credit are the ones who need loans the most. After all, in order for them to actually recover from financial hardships, they need an easy and quick source of cash. But what's a person to do when nobody is giving them a chance? This is where we come in.

Designer Loans UK is connected with a large network of reputable lenders of logbook loans. In a sense, we make the already easy process of taking out a logbook loan even easier for you. Simply tell us what you need and we'll match you with the best lenders that will guarantee approval. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and take your money once it's available!

Our process is straightforward and stress-free so expect to see your money all on the same day. If you're still looking around and still haven't decided, it's okay! It's recommended you check our website so you can get more information about our services. We also have some handy tips geared towards helping people with bad credit. If you like, you can even send us a quote request – it's completely free and you're not obligated in any way to follow through!

The Logbook Loan Process Simplified

The beauty with working with several logbook loan lenders is that we are able to offer you the best arrangements depending on your circumstances and preferences. Simply approach us with details of your predicament and we'll figure something out.

You don't have to worry about losing your car because you can still keep driving it while you're paying off the loan! All we need is your car's v5 registration document, or more commonly known as the logbook, to secure your loan. Simply fill out the application form and send it to us. Approval only takes a few minutes so you can even apply for a loan in between office breaks! After your application is approved the money will be sent to you on the same day. No more long periods of waiting anxiously for your money to arrive.?

Keep in mind though, even if we're only asking for the logbook, the loan is still secured against your car. Don't worry – we'll never give you an arrangement that would be too hard for you to pay off, so everything should go smoothly. Once the loan has been fully paid off, we'll give back your car's logbook.

So don't be discouraged, even after several loan rejections. Logbook loans don't push away people with bad credit; it even aims to help them get out of their financial pinch by giving them a quick and easy source of cash to pay off unexpected expenses.