About Us

From humble beginnings, Designer Loans is currently one of the most reputable and credible loan brokers in the UK. We are not lenders of logbook loans, but we are partnered with several of the best lenders in the country. Our task is to assess the circumstances of each and every client and then recommend the best lenders for their needs. We assist them throughout the process and help ensure approvals of their loan applications.

Here at Designer Loans, we believe that our clients come first. This is why we don't offer a “one size fits all” kind of service; everything here is decided on a case-to-case basis. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest, most accommodating and transparent loan brokerage firms in the country. We believe that by being completely honest with our clients, giving them all the details necessary to form educated decisions and offering a variety of reasons is the reason why our company still stands strong amidst this competitive industry.

The Crew

Our staffs are especially trained to handle everything from quote inquiries to actual applications with precision and professionalism. We try our best to be as accommodating as possible without making the client feel like they're being pressured to do something they don't want. Asking questions is and will always be obligation-free.

Our Partners

We ally ourselves with the most legitimate and honest lenders of logbook loans. You have our assurance that all our lenders have the authorisation of the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority. We also require our lenders to be members of organisations like the Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA) to ensure that all loan transactions are of the highest standard. Logbook loans from lenders associated with both the CCTA and FCA give you the peace of mind that you're entering a legitimate transaction where you won't be at an unfair disadvantage.